• Entangled: Book One (The Entangled Series)
    Entangled: Book One (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
  • The Devil's Garden: Book Two (The Entangled Series)
    The Devil's Garden: Book Two (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
  • Mastermind: Book Three (The Entangled Series)
    Mastermind: Book Three (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
  • The Ghost of Portal Island
    The Ghost of Portal Island
    by D.C. Sargent






A sinister plot to destroy the team is in the works—one that will test the limits of their friendship, endurance, and skill.

  *Contains some coarse language. 


Telepathic Mandy and Levi can’t believe it! All they want is a break from disaster, but that isn’t in the cards. What is in store is a mad scientist, a healthy dose of frustration, and a nest full of Serpientes. Join Mandy, Levi, and the boys in their final face-off across the high seas as they collide head-on with a sinister plot that will test the limits of their friendship, endurance, and skill.



“I just found a gas station,” Mandy told Levi.

“That’s perfect! It’s open, right?”

“Yes! It’s warm inside!”

“No. Don’t let them see you.”

“Well then, how is it perfect?” she demanded.

“Wait until someone leaves his car to pay, then you take the car.”

Mandy exhaled in disgust and tossed her wet hands up. “Seriously?” she chuckled, trying to find humor somewhere in this mess. “You seriously expect me to steal a car.”

“I thought we covered this.”

“I’ll walk to Sunset Harbor. It can’t be that far.”

“Are you going to carry that computer in the rain?”

Grumbling angrily, a haggard-looking Mandy stomped across the gas station parking lot and, dressed in the same black fatigues she’d worn to last night’s buy, huddled behind the building beneath a small eave. “I’ll get life in prison for this!”

Levi’s helpful mood continued. “Nah, this is merely grand theft auto, which is a step down from your current charge. You’re wanted for murder, remember? That’s a death sentence.”

Right. He had point. Mandy’s voice was flat. “What do I do?”

“Hide. Don’t let anyone see you. Wait for someone to fill up.”

The wind gusted. Mandy turned away from it and tried to keep the computer dry. “This sucks. I’m freezing.”

“No, you’re not,” reasoned the irritating voice of someone who wasn’t shivering. “It’s only cold because you’re wet.”

“I itch.”

“Well, then scratch.”

“It burns when I scratch.”

“Then don’t scratch.”

“You’re right, Levi. They need to feed you. You’re being cranky.”

“Ya think?”

 She moved to the backside of the parking lot where the light wasn’t so strong and headed for the side of the building where she could see all four pumps. They were all empty. There was nothing to do now but bide her time.

A steady shiver rattled her teeth. She leaned against the wall, taking the rain at her back, and waited.

“Nothing?” Levi asked.

Mandy hunched down, bowing her shoulders and tucking her head. “No. I’ve only seen one car since—ooh! Wait a minute …”

A rusty brown car with a blue hood turned into the lot and headed for the pump.

“Get ready,” Levi warned. “As soon as he goes inside—.”

A woman in a waitress smock counted coins in her hand and started the pump. Fifteen seconds later, she clicked the handle to a desired amount, then put the nozzle away.

Mandy waited until she was inside before darting across the lot to the car. She jerked the handle open and hopped into the warm front seat.



“Don’t touch the wheel with your hands!”

Mandy jerked her hands up with a start. “Why?”

“Fingerprints,” he answered quickly.” Gloves?”

She glanced around. “No,” she answered, then glanced down at her damp shirt.

“That’ll work,” agreed the helpful voice. “Hurry!”

Stretching the fabric taut, Mandy covered her fingertips and took hold of the steering wheel. She was about to throw the car into drive when she heard—

Her heart stopped.

—a gurgle!

Wide green eyes flicked to the rearview mirror.

A baby’s fist popped up from a rear facing carseat.

“Aah! Ba-baby! A baby!”

“Get out! Get out!”








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