• Entangled: Book One (The Entangled Series)
    Entangled: Book One (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
  • The Devil's Garden: Book Two (The Entangled Series)
    The Devil's Garden: Book Two (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
  • Mastermind: Book Three (The Entangled Series)
    Mastermind: Book Three (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
  • The Ghost of Portal Island
    The Ghost of Portal Island
    by D.C. Sargent






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The Madness Begins

Approximately Easter 2012, my family decided it would be a terrific idea to raise some more chickens for some farm fresh eggs. They taste so much better than store-bought eggs, and I know the animals are well-treated. We enjoyed our chicken pets in Nashville and knew we would here in Cheyenne, as well. So the family each chose a chick, except for my youngest daughter who couldn’t decide between two. Plop! Plop! Both went into box for a grand total of five. On a whim, we also snapped up two excessively cute Swedish Blue ducks (not sure why!) and off we went. Five noisy chickens. Two frightened ducklings. Two happy children. A pleased wife. A frazzled husband who just wanted to watch football. Introducing:


Mr. Quackers, female Swedish Blue (who was male until she started laying eggs.)

Waddlesworth, male Swedish Blue (definitely male! Does not lay eggs.)


Pepper, female (looks like a hawk with puffy cheeks)

Henny Penny, female Rhode Island Red

Tux, female (solid black)

Chick-Fil-A, female Bantum (with feathers on her feet).

Romeo, very male Silver-Laced Wyandotte Rooster (who pretended to be female until one Saturday morning at about 5 am when he decided to come out of the closet and announce his news to the neighborhood.)

August 10, my family attended a life changing squadron picnic. I do believe God had a hand in this one, because I NEVER in my wildest dreams imagined I’d arrive at the picnic with a pan of baked beans and walk out with a pair of goats … yet here I am—two three month old fainting goats, to be exact. Both kids are boys.


Uncle Flopsy (Brown and white with pretty blue eyes).

Anikan Skywalker (Black and white with shiny Darth Vader eyes).

These little boys live for food and, without a doubt, have to be some of the naughtiest sweetest animals I’ve ever known. For the record, we do not chase the goats or scare them for fun. The ‘fainting’ is funny when it happens naturally, but we do not intentionally frighten the animals in order to laugh at them, nor do we allow others to do so. These adventurous creatures have plenty of noteworthy antics on their own without help from us. For instance, hysterical was the time the mischievous Waddlesworth snuck up from behind and startled Uncle Flopsy with a loud Quack! just as the distracted goat leapt onto his brand new climbing platform for the first time. Uncle Flopsy must have had the impression that he’d somehow landed on the duck, because his eyes went wide, his body stiffened, and he fell right off the platform. He rolled over his back with a stiff-legged glare, waited until his muscles relaxed, then chased the innocent duck around the yard. Trust me, I’ll have plenty to post about. Stay tuned.


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