• Entangled: Book One (The Entangled Series)
    Entangled: Book One (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
  • The Devil's Garden: Book Two (The Entangled Series)
    The Devil's Garden: Book Two (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
  • Mastermind: Book Three (The Entangled Series)
    Mastermind: Book Three (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
  • The Ghost of Portal Island
    The Ghost of Portal Island
    by D.C. Sargent






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The Books And The Bees

As any writer can attest, there are far more stories in an author’s ‘oven’, so to speak, than the ones occupying the bookstores. These bundles of joy, in fact, are in various stages of story development. So far, I have provided my faithful readers with five bouncing baby books—three in The Entangled Series—Entangled, The Devil’s Garden, and Mastermind, a paranormal YA romance Ghost of Portal Island, and an opinionated blog-style cookbook The Scratchy Cook.

As you can see, I’m all over the place.

Why is that?

Because, I love to write. I write everything—fiction, nonfiction, how-to books, short stories, story fragments, conversations without characters, character profiles with no associated story or plot, all arranged in lists, notes, outlines, and even text messages to myself.     

I’ve tried penning flowery romance and bombed that, attempted to write horror and grossed out my beta readers, and sampled drama which morphed into humor. I’ve written young adult, cartoons, paranormal—I like the paranormal—and even children’s books (still working on those), high fantasy, which is fun, a bit of sci-fi, and some cozy mysteries bordering on bizarre. Out of those, the humorous action fiction and the young adult paranormal romance reached birth and voila! … happy readers.

And there’s so many more! Hundreds more, spanning umpteen genres, and I want to sample everything. That’s right. Turn off the Wedding March; I don’t want to marry one genre. I want to try them all and sprinkle each with humor. I’m like a kid in a candy store, I can’t seem to commit. Isn’t that shameful of me?

I have found that the more mixed the ‘genre’ becomes the happier I am writing the story. The humor happens by itself. Here is a sample of just two of the hundreds of ‘unborns’ in my vast oven:

 Hamburger—(YA/Humor/Drama) A teenage boy (whose name keeps changing) dies in racing accident and cannot believe he has lost the race. So what if he’s dead! He, with his brand new ghost dog Hamburger, who just wants something to eat, has no intention of acting dead or reorganizing his out-of-whack priorities. Rejected by the living, he fights back. He may be forced to exist as a ghost, but that reality doesn’t necessarily have to be boring.

 La Déesse—(Crime/Mystery/Humor) Kennedy, a rising international performer, is living the life of her dreams until the night her manager is murdered. Suddenly, she is in the crosshairs of a massive kidnapping ring, the number one suspect in a murder investigation, and in the custody of an infuriating spy with an attitude problem and an intolerance for cats. Well, he will just have to deal with the cat. Kennedy doesn’t have time for his silly rules and pointless protocol or his disarming good looks. She has to prove her innocence, and fast, before she ends up in prison, dead, or in love.

 And then there are the stories I haven’t started yet:

Talking animals. What really goes through their heads?

A trip to an alien planet, and how I plan to take over.

A book on reincarnations—mine would be cool.

A blog-style reality show of my life—married with children, dogs, cats, goats, chickens …

A compilation of short stories. The above mentioned fragments?

A parody on something unique. Hmm … this one is a doozy.

A coffee-table book (except that my photo taking skills are vastly subpar and the camera on my cellphone doesn’t zoom well).

And that, of course, doesn’t even touch my current projects and books nearing birth … er, release. Stay tuned. ox,   

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