• Entangled: Book One (The Entangled Series)
    Entangled: Book One (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
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    The Devil's Garden: Book Two (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
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    Mastermind: Book Three (The Entangled Series)
    by D.C. Sargent
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    The Ghost of Portal Island
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Do You See What I'm Saying?

Actually, yes, I do. Quite clearly, in fact. I am a visual listener. Every word that is spoken to me appears in my mind in real-time either as colorful words (alive, yet Times New Roman—ish) or as a high-definition video. It’s like my own personal youTube except I don’t get to choose the video. Some people find this bizarre, I can’t imagine it any other way.

Recently, I joined a group of volunteers. At the orientation, the leader very eloquently described our duties, behavior expectations, and organization policies. Up until now, I pretty well have a handle on myself, right?, and I’ve kept my snickering down to an undetectable minimum. Then … she begins instructing us on public situation response. Here is where I lose it. She’s talking about crowd control and saying things like: “… so if a guest insists on leaving right in the middle of a tornado, you remind him of the danger and let him leave. You don’t tackle him at the door.”


The other volunteers shrug and shake their heads, wondering what on earth is so funny.

Well … I just watched myself tackle some unsuspecting gentleman with a surprised look on his face.  To be honest, I was a little surprised myself, because I wasn’t expecting to do it.

The speaker then explains how to involve security over the radio—-which can be overheard by guests—-without causing panic. Another example quickly follows: “… so if you encounter a dangerous animal,” she instructs with a straight face, “very calmly inform security over the radio that a butterfly has been spotted …”


There was nothing I could do about that one. She totally broadsided me with the butterfly. The second image that flickered through my mind was of every butterfly within hearing range hesitating in wide-eyed surprise at such a disgusting accusation.

A sample of this type of visual listening appears in Entangled when Mandy tries to telepathically think an image of a hamburger to Levi and, much to his frustration, instead transmits a detailed motion picture about her dining experience. Clearly, they have a conflict of thought processes. Not only do their thoughts collide, their thinking styles clash. Levi is a logical thinker—simple and to the point. Mandy is more like me—a picture thinker. The phenomenon is called synesthetics, and I’m laden with it.

Bizarre, eh? I agree, but there’s more.

Have you ever wondered why some people are born with certain flaws? What is the purpose of our peculiarities? Better yet—why do I have so darn many? A flash back into my childhood would take you to a solitary child, strange and unlike the others.

This strange child had nightmares constantly. Three o’clock in the morning, my mother’s tearing down a dark hall wondering who the devil is trying to kill her shrieking 4 year old. “The dancing tube of toothpaste,” I would scream, “from the toothbrush commercial!” For weeks on end, this same defenseless mother scratched her head, trying desperately to get me back into my absolutely safe bedroom. I folded my arms and refused to budge. I wasn’t going back into that death trap with all the alligators beneath my bed. How on earth would alligators get in there? she reasoned. She couldn’t see any alligators. I could and, personally, I didn’t care how they got there. I wasn’t going back in until they were gone.

To put it simply, I didn’t fit in with other kids and often found myself standing alone in the back of any crowd, watching. Early on, I discovered I had a severe allergy to the status quo.  Like magnetic polar opposites, it repelled me and over time I became … different. If the girls were playing dolls, I was in the mud with the boys. While normal teenagers played frisbee with their dogs, I was feeding gorillas and zoo keeping in the great ape display. Normal people stared at television, I stared at a blank wall … and laughed! They had video games, I wanted a pencil and paper. They cried, I giggled. They listened, I visualized. Basically, I saw things differently.

Why? Why did God wire my mind that way? Did he make a mistake when he programmed me? He couldn’t have done it on purpose—-or could he? What if … what if God knew exactly what he was doing when he put D.C. together? What if, those weren’t flaws, but rather … indicators?


Have you ever wondered why some people are born with certain flaws indicators? What is the purpose of our peculiarities talents? Better yet—why do I have so darn many? A flash back into my childhood would take you to a solitary unique child, observant and imaginative—destined to become a creative writer.

Do you see what i’m saying? ox,

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